Large Slabs

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Lifestyle Ceramics  slabs collections have been carefully selected from  the top European tile and slab producers. Following the trend in the use of very large sizes our collections offers innovative designs of exceptional quality. Available in large format sizes that are suitable for almost any application.

With sizes up to 3 x 1.5 meters, the full slab panels provide a  exclusive and seamless look for both floor and wall applications.


The commercial market has been using large format slabs for years, and now with confidence rising we are seeing large format installations within the residential market.

The benefit of a large slab is the super-size 2780mm x1200 mm . In most cases one piece will run floor to ceiling and in a bathroom you may only need two or three pieces per wall. With a rectified edge there is very little grout lines.

Popular patterns are marble and stone as the large format creates masterpieces to admire and enjoy. This is one of the most popular reasons for selecting a large tile. Gone are the numerous vertical and horizontal grout lines that standout like railway tracks dividing each tile each pattern into disarray. Instead you are left appreciating the fullness of your chosen pattern – from the drama of marble, the subtle softness of swirling clouds, to the earthiness of rock.

More and more we are connecting back to the beauty of nature. With the colour shape and patterns she has magically produced we can, through technology, duplicate. From benchtops, splashback, bathroom, to living rooms and exterior eating enclaves, the large format slab is reinvigorating living spaces, and perhaps re-connecting us to the importance of ‘home’.

Orobico Grey Polished Marble Tile

Once in a generation a product arrives on the market that is ahead of its time and changes everything for architects, builders and home-owners. Our “large format tile slabs” is that product. In modern architecture dimensions make all the difference and this product is sure to challenge the status quo. The product is a slab-sized tile made from porcelain, designed to entirely revolutionise home-styling and give rise to sleek style, greater ease and seamless surfaces in your home or office space. Contact us for more info on this amazing product range.


Regardless of the large surface area the tile is extremely thin (6mm) and light-weight .These elements combined ensure that the tile can be laid and moved with ease.

These tiles  through their  incredible strength and lightness is tailored to be versatile and provides solutions not only for flooring and walling but for all sorts of other applications.  It can be used for flooring, but also for modern kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, cladding and even finishes for cupboards or doors.

Scratch and heat resistant, the durability of these tiles makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are solid and 100% non-porous and will not deteriorate thus maintaining a tasteful and respectable look for long periods of time..