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What will be trending for bathrooms in 2018?

As we say goodbye to 2017 and launch into 2018 we find there are some great new fittings and fixtures for bathrooms. New ideas abound as these types of items seem to continually get more exciting and continue to evolve. In this article we take a look at what will be trending for bathrooms in 2018 and if you’re building or renovating we hope it gives you some great ideas…

  • Stunning showers – Imagine not only controlling the strength and heat of the water flow in your shower, but actually controlling the size of the drops of water! It’s totally possible with the state of the art new Grohe Rainshower Smartcontrol – it’s a completely different experience! From an aesthetic point of view, gone are the days when showers were just a couple of taps and a fitting in the wall – sleek shower columns are now all the rage. Check some of them out a Lifestyle Ceramics, Johannesburg’s premier tiling and bathroom fittings suppliers.
  • Beautiful baths – Beautifully finished, with sleek designs, free standing baths are the rage right now. ‘Olde world’ meets cutting edge with the available range of ‘Victoria and Albert’ baths. Designs vary from the cool lounger style look, to the old Victorian ‘seat‘baths. Stunning stuff!
  • Luxurious loos! – Yes the loo is no longer just the place to read the book, but the place to be seen! How can you not, with loos so stylish and luxurious that you just have to include them in your new or redesigned home. Check out the Kohler ‘Stillness,’ as just one example of the massive changing trends in the look of the loo!
  • 3D tiling previews – Tiling too, of course, is essential to the overall look of any bathroom and the range of beautiful world class tiles available at Lifestyle Ceramics will have you spoilt for choice. Another great trend, to make sure your bathroom is as stunning as you imagine it will be, is our revolutionary 3D CAD technology that gives you a virtual tour of the bathroom. This shows you your choice of tiles on the walls and floor before you make the decision.

We hope this has opened your eyes and minds to what will be trending for bathrooms in 2018 and the huge possibilities that lay before us. Rest assured that experts like Lifestyle Ceramics make it their business to keep abreast of the latest trends and the best possible offerings in the global home decorating space. Contact us to learn more or come and experience our friendly knowledgeable staff and massive range of products. Have a great …and beautiful new year!

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