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Make Urban Industrial Your Style

Urban Industrial Design

Urban Industrial

Is your style Urban Industrial? Do you like raw finishes and a home with lots of character? If you’re looking for a modern home with a down-to-earth character that represents itself honestly, you’re looking in the right direction.

Urban Industrial, with all its imperfections and exposed elements, which is what makes it truly remarkable, sees the beauty in the raw, the overlooked and even neglected.
It utilises unorthodox design approaches, by embracing stripped back and salvaged surfaces and textures. Being born to stand out is Urban Industrials motto; not conforming to the majority and embracing its own faults where the true beauty of this bathroom style lies.
Urban Industrial Design

Style Checklist

Draw colour inspiration from dark wood patinas, concrete greys, corroded metals and imperfect moss inspired olives.
Proudly expose the building materials, be it exposed copper piping or exposed bricks, or use blackened galvanised steel. If you dare, expose the ceiling and frame of the building too. All of these features will contribute to that true industrial feel, adding depth and character to the space.
  • Charcoal is the industrial colour of choice so lay large format dark floor tiles
  • Team with brass or matt black fittings, old industrial light switches, lamps, and towel rails
  • Timber cabinets inject warmth
Main Floor Tile
  • Use dark, large format tiles or timber look plank tiles with minimal detail



  • Select stainless steel or cement look splash-backs
  • Use metallic light fixtures to illuminate your kitchen design
  • Go for white tiles with a contrasting grout
Furniture and Finishing touches
  • Leather couches look great with this look.

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