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We are Lifestyle Ceramics, we offer a wide range of Exclusive Tiles and Global Bathroom Brands under one roof.

Our Focus is on our brand Versace.

Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace himself, one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century, Gianni Versace is a synonym of Italian excellence throughout the world. Since 1997 the fashion house has worked with Gardenia Orchidea as a partner of choice, sharing both aims and values.

Soft and enveloping shapes, the finest raw materials, timeless colour combinations and the key decorative elements of the maison, such as the Medusa and the Greek fret pattern, produced using the very latest technology, characterize the Versace Ceramics collections.

A living project completed with a line of bathroom furnishings for an ALL-ROUND LOOK featuring the unmistakable Versace style.


We feel that our unique taste in style has an elegant impact on class, Our professional Team of Experts have the right formula to make your bathroom a masterpiece.


We sometimes feel that we are a little obsessed with attention to detail, Your home becomes our showcase and drives our passion to excellence.


🙂 Smiles and Coffee is not all we offer you when you visit our showroom, but warmth and determination is our core belief.


  • We have over 30 years Experience

  • The friendliest Staff

  • Quickest Turn around time from purchase to delivery

  • 3D Designers based at premises to make your dream visual

  • Global, Iconic brands all under 1 roof

  • Most competitive pricing in the market.